The “why” behind our new report, “Discovering Disruption”

Giving-Philosophy | Blog | 2 mins.
Written By: Carrie Morgridge | Posted On: 07/13/2021

Discovering Disruption wasn’t easy. At The Morgridge Family Foundation, it took us over two decades to really learn how to innovate, create and scale. This report shares the knowledge that we have gained and highlights nonprofits and partners who are making a huge difference. We hope the transparency in this report will inspire other foundations to share their data, share their stories and collaborate on a deeper level.

Along our journey, we’ve brainstormed with thought leaders in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to learn the ins and outs of scalable impact. The more conversations we have with people outside our orbit, the more we learn from their perspective, experience, and wisdom. We firmly believe that giving is everyone’s business, and as we say daily, “Every Gift Matters”. 

Today, our mantra is more true than ever. MFF Publishing’s Future of Giving report (released with sparks&honey last year) used big data and analytics to show us where the puck is going in philanthropy. It describes five cultural shifts that will help all of us give more effectively, from overcoming distrust in the misinformation era to building resilience in the face of existential risks. The report is packed with useful insights, but one takeaway is this: we have to foster human connection and unapologetically lead with our values in an increasingly digital world.

In that spirit, we are so excited to release Discovering Disruption, to look back at the last 13+ years of MFF’s grants, partnerships, and philosophies that have made us the organization we are today. We hope you get as much value from these learnings as we do, and that this report sparks new ideas and inspiration to shape your future of giving. We are grateful to live in the most giving country in the world, and we look forward to partnering with many organizations who want to change the world.