The Future of Giving

Giving is Everyone’s Business

There has never been a better time to unravel the cultural landscape of giving. Between the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic, greater scrutiny of longstanding inequalities, environmental emergencies, and economic uncertainty for people around the world, we need giving now more than ever. Giving is about preserving the resources of our collective future.

It is also fundamental to an organization’s role in society, whether nonprofit or for-profit. Giving points to a world that treats everyone, from communities to families, suppliers, customers and your neighbors, as beneficiaries of shared growth.

In September 2020, the Morgridge Family Foundation partnered with cultural agency sparks&honey to produce the Future of Giving report, powered by their cultural intelligence system. It explores five seismic cultural shifts that are shaping the future, where technology, changes in human behaviors, and new consumer expectations meet new business models and data sets of giving. It provides rich detail on these cultural shifts as well as strategies that reconsider how we work together to solve some of the biggest challenges out there.

In October 2021, the report was refreshed with the addition of the Gen Z Addendum, a deep dive look at Gen Z. It is packed with insight that will help your organization leverage the next generation’s strength and passion. From identifying Gen Z trends to the cultivation strategies your organization can implement today, this free resource is a must-read for everyone in the social sector. For a quick breakdown of the key data and analysis from the report, check out the corresponding post on our blog.

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