Data for Nonprofits

Building Capacity in Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are critical aspects of nonprofit and foundation work; yet they are too-often last on the agenda. Accurate and thorough measurement can make or break a nonprofit’s efficacy, ability to secure new grant funding, and its reputation. Through a first-hand survey of 50 nonprofit partners, MFF found that while 65 percent of them have at least one full-time staff member dedicated to data collection, 95 percent said they would benefit from learning more about how to measure their impact.

Given the importance of data, research and evaluation—and our commitment to being more than a funder to our nonprofit partners—we have launched a series of initiatives to share our knowledge and teach valuable skills that build impact measurement capacity.


Sometimes you get so caught up in doing the work that you get lost in it. This workshop has been a really valuable experience for us to really think through our programs to determine what the problem is, where we want to see change and how we want to make change happen.

Tess Halac Evaluation Manager at A Precious Child

Data 101 made data and research seem more accessible.

Data for Nonprofits Workshop Series user

I enjoyed the process of learning terms and concepts, and practical applications and tools, then applying them to case studies and testing my knowledge.

Data for Nonprofits Workshop Series user

Using Nonprofit Data to Tell a Compelling Story

Impact100 leaders knew, through firsthand experience and countless anecdotes, the profound impact the organization made possible. They lacked the data-driven evidence to help them tell their story. 

To fill that gap, MFF conducted a research study that included in-depth interviews with 23 Impact100 chapter presidents and survey responses from 744 Impact100 members and 107 recipient organizations of Impact100 grants. The sample was statistically significant enough for us to draw conclusions about community impact, member satisfaction and empowerment, and the success of the Impact100 model. 

MFF Publishing worked with the participating chapters to showcase the resulting findings in a beautiful set of magazines and a coffee table book, Impact100: Local Philanthropy Fueling a Global Movement, available for purchase in the Impact100 store.

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