The Student Support Foundation

New Perspectives on Giving

The Student Support Foundation (SSF) was created in 2003 to inspire and empower the next generation of great American philanthropists.

The youngest generations are constantly creating new perspectives on giving. This generation is challenging the status quo in philanthropy by infusing values that are more inclusive, progressive, and focused on social issues. The goal of SSF is to foster connection and engagement between younger generations and philanthropy organizations while empowering thousands of students from dozens of schools across the country to give back to their own communities.

The model for an SSF Chapter is simple: colleges and high schools admitted to the program are granted $4,000 by the Morgridge Family Foundation to invest directly into their school’s community. The projects and needs those funds are directed toward are decided upon by each Chapter’s students. A sponsor — a professor or teacher from each school — must be associated with each club. Additionally, SSF Chapters are required to fundraise at least $250 each year, and submit an annual report to the Morgridge Family Foundation describing the impact of their chapter.

Interested in starting an SSF Chapter at your school? Email emma.spofford@thinkmff.org to learn more.


Celebrating 20 Years of SSF!

This year, we celebrate 20 years since SSF launched in 2003. To say the world looks different today is an understatement. What doesn’t look different, though, is the dedication that SSF students have to help their communities and advance their personal growth.

The 2022-2023 school year was no exception—students across the country learned, grew and drove transformational change. Read about their lessons and successes in this year’s annual report, below.

Read the 2023 Annual Report

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The Student Experience

SSF clubs are located across the country, and impact thousands of people in their communities every year. Click the map to learn more about the SSF experience directly from a student.