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The Future of Giving 2020

Intelligence by sparks&honey in collaboration with the Morgridge Family Foundation

The MFF team collaborated with the brilliant minds and proprietary technology at sparks&honey to develop a report forecasting what’s next in the world of charitable giving. This report marks the first time that sparks&honey, a cultural consultancy that uses data insights to understand trends, has applied their work to the nonprofit world. The Future of Giving 2020 identifies five cultural shifts in giving, and advises both for-profit and non-profit organizations on how to incorporate this knowledge into their strategic growth. The report is loaded with data, input from cross-sector thought leaders, and expert analysis sure to benefit any modern organization.

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Every Gift Matters

Author: Carrie Morgridge

With Every Gift Matters, Carrie Morgridge takes readers into the heart of the world of philanthropy. We all give to those in need at some point in our lives. Whether that gift is in the form of time or money, you will learn how to make decisions that will maximize their impact on the world. Through actionable advice and touching stories, Every Gift Matters will show you how to leverage your gift of time or money—regardless of size—and make it work harder, work smarter, and have a bigger impact on your community.


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About the Author

A dedicated philanthropist turned award-winning author, Carrie Morgridge inspires readers both by sharing her passion for giving and her love of adventure. In her two books, Every Gift Matters and The Spirit of the Trail, Morgridge uses dedication and determination to show us just how far—and how many people—you can reach, even while on two wheels.

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