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What is a transformative gift?

Here at MFF, we use the term transformative gift on a daily basis. It is a North Star that guides the investments we make. And yet, it is a term that usually elicits a polite nod, blank stare, or the follow-up question, “What does that mean?” In this article, we’ll define what a transformative gift is and point out key factors that differentiate it from other types of philanthropy.

A transformative gift changes the trajectory of an organization to make an exponential impact possible.

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Leadership in Action

Since the day President and Vice President John and Carrie Morgridge founded Morgridge Family Foundation in 2008, their dedication, reach, and positive impact on the communities around them has been unwavering. By investing in leaders and organizations who actively work towards creating opportunities and change, the Morgridges have, and continue to transform people’s lives, communities, and our great country.

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