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Since its founding in 2008, the Morgridge Family Foundation has supported hundreds of projects and impacted countless lives. From education to health care, founders and philanthropists John and Carrie Morgridge continually use their time and resources to create positive, transformational change for as many people as possible.

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Where We’re Going

The future is bright at the Morgridge Family Foundation. Our team continues to grow in size and scope, and lay the groundwork for new possibilities. We are expanding the ways in which we can provide value for our nonprofit partners by adding strategy support, an editorial branch and more network opportunities.

Our small but mighty team has big ambitions for what we can help our partners achieve in the years to come.

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$25 Million Invested in Mile High United Way

$8 Million Invested in Denver Museum of Nature and Science

$15 Million Invested to National Jewish Health

$4 Million Invested in Denver Art Museum

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