So, you want to be a MAP Fellow?

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Written By: Tony Cohn | Posted On: 06/07/2021

Being a member of the MAP Fellowship community is a powerful and rewarding experience. It’s also hard work. When the program launched in 2020, we received dozens of emails asking for application tips. While the team is transparent about what we’re looking for on our website – imagination, initiative, integrity – there are a few additional attributes that describe successful candidates to the fellowship. Now, let’s help you build the strongest application to the program possible. 


  1. You’re authentic. 

There will be lots of candidates who possess imagination, initiative, and integrity. Many will tout their ability to connect with others and contribute to their peers’ work in meaningful ways. All of that is fantastic, but what makes you… you? Whatever that answer may be—a passion for arranging flowers, an obsession with Ernest Shackleton (shoutout to previous MAP Fellow Jessi Parra), a deep rooted dream of completing the trans-Siberian railway—don’t be afraid to tell us. Passion is infectious; now, prove that’s the case with your own. 

  1. You’re a problem solver, not a problem spotter. 

It may sound corny, but we really want to understand that you’re a creative problem solver. Road bumps will emerge during your time with the program. They’re unavoidable with any innovative endeavor. What matters is how you approach them. Will you become gnawed down by challenges, unable to swat them away? Or, can you take lemons and turn them into social-impact-lemonade? The latter sets you up for success as a MAP Fellow. 

  1. You’re eager to give as much as you get. 

We’re seeking candidates hungry to contribute to the vibrant ecosystem that is our MAP Fellowship community. It’s built on the philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats. How will you show up for your peer cohort when they need you most? Like so many things in life, you’ll get what you give during your time with the program. Show us that you’ll invest in the success of those around you as much as you invest in your own. 

  1. You. Love. Fun.

If we’re not having fun while changing the world, did we even really change the world? 

The MAP Fellowship is a meaningful, rewarding experience. That being said, it’s meant to be A FREAKIN’ BLAST from the kick-off event in Miami, Florida, to the culmination event in Washington, D.C. Innovation happens in safe, creative environments and this space will only exist if it’s grounded in trust. When we have a good time, we invite others to bring their best, most secure selves to the table. Help us understand that —along with impressive smarts—you’re kind, down to earth, and have stories to share around the campfire.


As you write your application, show up authentically as yourself, help us understand how you will meaningfully contribute to the MAP Fellowship community, and that you’re not afraid to have fun in the process. Remember, you’re doing us a favor by being our dream candidate. We can’t wait to receive your application by October 20th, 2023 at 11:59pm MT. Go get ‘em.