Introducing Solv[ED]

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Written By: Kelsey Thompson | Posted On: 05/03/2021

So often when we are trying to embrace change for good, we turn to our youth for innovation and great ideas. At MFF, we have witnessed first-hand the energy, enthusiasm, and ingenuity of young problem solvers through our program the Student Support Foundation, as well as through our work with countless partners who serve teens and young adults. 

The Future of Giving report, created in partnership with sparks&honey, affirmed what we already knew– the future of nonprofits will be driven by the unique perspectives, values and ideas of younger generations. 

Younger generations are most likely to be affected by crises such as climate change and future pandemics; to manage national reckonings on racial justice and income inequality; and to face the consequences of declining trust in societal institutions. At the same time, they are the generations most likely to find solutions to these very issues. It’s critical that we engage them now to build relationships and equip them with knowledge, tools and resources. 

And so, our newest initiative Solv[ED] was born.

Powered by our long-time partner MIT Solve, the organization behind the Reimagining Pathways to Employment in the US Challenge, Solv[ED] is designed to spark a sense of agency in people aged 24 and under. It will encourage young leaders to become problem solvers in their community and around the world through facilitated Solveathon workshops, a Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge, an annual Solv[ED] event, a free course, and virtual learning sessions featuring MIT Solve’s community of social impact innovators.

Solv[ED]’s approach prioritizes experiential learning, personal development, accessibility, and community-building amongst young problem solvers. Practicing what we preach, the program will evolve and grow based on the input of participants.

“The next generation faces existential threats in an exponentially advancing world,” said Carrie Morgridge, Vice President and Co-Founder of the Morgridge Family Foundation, “It’s not enough to say we believe in young people; we need to invest in their ideas, leadership, and solutions today so they can create a better tomorrow.”

MFF is proud to serve as the anchor funder for Solv[ED] through a $750,000 grant over three years. The initiative would not be possible without the generous support of the Rieschel Foundation and the Pozen Social Innovation Prize. 

“There is no one path through Solv[ED]’s offerings. We’re creating a program for young people to design their own social impact journeys,” said the Executive Director of MIT Solve, Alex Amouyel. “We can’t do this alone. That is why we are inviting youth organizations, education providers, and other cross-sector leaders to join us and support young problem-solvers all over the world.”

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