India Needs Oxygen: A story of networks and impact

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Written By: Kelsey Thompson | Posted On: 05/07/2021

In April, India experienced a severe rise COVID-19 cases. In a now too-familiar pattern, the country quickly saw hospital beds fill and deaths from the pandemic increase. By the end of the month, India was experiencing the world’s worst outbreak and regularly breaking the global record for daily new cases. At the same time, supply of life-saving oxygen fell dangerously low and thousands of lives became further at-risk. 

It became clear help was desperately needed. It was at this time that MFF Vice President and Co-Founder, Carrie Morgridge, received an email from a collaborator and friend in India, Gaurav Gupta, COO of multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company Zomato

In one of the largest efforts of its kind, a nonprofit organization run by Zomato, called Feeding India, started a program to procure and distribute life-saving oxygen concentrators to hospitals and isolation wards. They saw early progress but to purchase the entire stock of oxygen concentrators, Feeding India knew they would need an additional $5 million. The entire stock of concentrators would save hundreds of thousands of lives. 

Gaurav reached out to Carrie to ask for MFF’s support in this initiative. Knowing that MFF couldn’t fund the full $5 million, but had access to great friends and networks, Carrie immediately said yes. 

She knew that to reach their goal, Feeding India would need support beyond MFF. She contacted Jason Hausske, CEO of the social giving app Cauze. Cauze democratizes giving and makes it a social process; think Venmo meets Instagram for charitable giving.

Cauze allows anyone to give, at any amount, and feel part of a movement – like saving thousands of lives in India.  MFF was already using the app for employee activism through giving, and was exploring further collaboration. It was the perfect platform to host a large-scale fundraiser of this kind. MFF brought on an additional partner, India-based YUVA Unstoppable, to join the coalition.

Cauze, YUVA Unstoppable and MFF teamed up with Feeding India to create a new “Cauze” on the app, called “India Needs Oxygen.” MFF funded $50,000 to match any single donation up to $500.

In a true testament to the power of networks and collaboration, coupled with people who will work around the clock because they are passionate about helping others, the Cauze was live and collecting donations just days after Gaurav’s initial email to Carrie. 

As of publishing, the India Needs Oxygen Cauze has raised over $15,000 and counting. 

Help us to meet our $50,000 goal and send critical oxygen to thousands of people. Join the movement and contribute today.