Announcing the MAP Fellowship

MAP Fellowship | News | 2 Min.
Written By: Kelsey Thompson | Posted On: 01/09/2020

Today, the Morgridge Family Foundation launches a new, flagship program, the Morgridge Accelerator Program Fellowship (or MAP for short). The Fellowship is a unique experience that pairs nonprofit leaders with emerging rockstars in the nonprofit sector so they can unlock their true potential. A Fellow’s challenge? To create a positive and lasting impact for these organizations that are doing public good around the globe.

What makes MAP different from other professional development programs is its focus on experiential learning. Only six Fellows will be accepted into the inaugural cohort and assigned a strategic challenge by a mentor. These teams of two are then funded up to $5k to have a shared learning experience together. This opportunity is only limited by their imaginations, and their journey is intended to forge a more direct and profound relationship between Fellow and Mentor.

Fellows will also gain access to their Mentor’s valuable networks, while simultaneously forging their own within their new Fellow family. The Fellowship includes ample opportunities to mind-meld with their elite crew of like-minded peers, and contribute to a “playbook” of strategic ideas and solutions cultivated throughout the 6-month program – which will be published by MFF Publishing at its conclusion.

Furthermore, MAP Fellows travel as a part of the program to Denver, Colorado, Washington D.C., wherever their Mentor’s organization is based, and a chosen destination for their exclusive Mentor/Fellow adventure. The grand finale culminates in a public presentation, enabling Fellows to return to their full-time positions having gained new skills, broadened their networks, and professionally leveled-up to tackle the next challenge.

We have been on the edge of our seats waiting to see who these change-making first Fellows will be! Are you bold enough to be one of them? Find out more, watch the 1 min vid, and apply here today: ThinkMFF.org/MAP

Applications close Feb. 14. Good luck!