Every Gift Matters

The advice in Every Gift Matters is actionable, and the stories touching. Carrie Morgridge has a true gift for giving, and the information presented is a gold mine that can show you how to leverage your gift of time or money—regardless of size—and make it work harder, work smarter, and have a bigger impact on your community.  Carrie hopes that through her book you find your own passion to change the world.

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The Author

Carrie Morgridge is Vice President of the Morgridge Family Foundation. For the past fifteen years, she and her husband, John, have worked tirelessly to leverage their foundation's funds, spark innovation, and fuel transformation.

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The Foundation

The Morgridge Family Foundation invests in transformative gifts in education, conservation, health & wellness, and the arts.

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The Fund

All profits from book sales goes directly to the Every Gift Matters Fund, a fund dedicated to helping people to find their passion and change the world.

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#EveryGiftMatters Stories

Team Tanner

Carolyn Gdowski My gift was two-fold, it was the gift of fundraising dollars that benefitted Sherra’s boys to assist in their college education as well as a gift to the Sherra Tanner Memorial Oncology Education Fund that her husband Chris established through the Northern Colorado Medical Center Foundation.    In addition to the gift of […]


House of Hope – Family Tree

Maureen C. Silva, Ph.D. Vice President for Institutional Advancement For the 2014 holidays, my boss, Bridgewater College President David Bushman, gave his senior staff two gifts each: a $50 grocery store gift certificate and a contribution in each of our names to the local food bank. Over the holiday break, our family traveled to Denver […]

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From The Blog

Dry Valley

Day 32

Hartsel to Salida Start 8:25 to 15:05 Saddle 5:20:38 Miles 50.39 Avg 9.4 2536.5 Not a cloud in the sky as we woke up in our big comfortable bed.  We slept in knowing we had to get up and get on the road.  Motivation was high today as we had two great things to look […]


Day 31

Silverthorn to Hartsel CD 15 on Boreas pass Start 7:40 to 19:10 Saddle 7:55:09 Dist 72.42 Avg 9.1 Total 2485.8 It’s a marathon, not a sprint This has been the theme of our journey.  To tackle each day with its new challenges, to think about what is important and what we can let go of. […]

Mountain and Lake

Day 30

Radium to Silverthorn Start 7:25 to 19:25 Ute Pass Saddle 9:03:20 Dist 73.01 Avg 8.0 Total 2413.4 Tonight consisted of  freight trains rolling by all night long. We discovered that trains must whistle their horn at all intersection; this includes the intersection at the bridge where we built our campsite.   Mark didn’t sleep a wink […]

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