Announcing the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge

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Written By: Carrie Morgridge | Posted On: 09/20/2021

In May 2021, we first introduced Solv[ED], MFF’s newest partnership with MIT Solve. Solv[ED] sparks a sense of agency in people aged 24 and under and encourages them to become problem solvers in their community. Solv[ED] exposes and educates participants to the possibilities of positive change through social impact.

Since May, Solv[ED] has encouraged more than 300 participants from around the world to build confidence and take action through virtual workshops and webinars, such as “Understanding & Framing Complex Problems” and “Cultivate & Claim Your Purpose.” Sixteen youth-led teams received $300 micro-grants to start to develop a solution to the problem they sought to address. 

The first cohort of the Solv[ED] Youth Committee, a group of nine youth leaders who will advise and support Solv[ED], launched over the summer. The committee members come from organizations including MIT, Nagoya University, Learn with Leaders, T.A Pai Management Institute, and Força Meninas. Emma Yang, one of MIT Solve’s youngest Solvers, is on the Committee too. 

As we launch the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge, a core component of the Solv[ED] initiative and a key step toward achieving our goals, we’re looking forward to meeting more young leaders and sharing their ideas and vision with the world. Visit the MIT Solve website here for important details about the Challenge.