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In each annual report, MFF showcases our partnerships, impact, growth and challenges faced. The reports show the ways our work introduces new ways of thinking and changes systems for the better. Each report is intended to show transparency about our process and, hopefully, to inspire. Every member of MFF is busy inventing, creating and partnering with those who share our vision of making change. We hope you read our reports, get excited and get involved in changing communities.

MFF’s 2022 Annual Report is now available! As we reflected on MFF’s work, we were pleased to discover that we directly impacted more than one million people and our indirect impact was ten times that. This report details how we achieved that impact through the partners we funded and what we created in-house here at the foundation. It dives deep into the guiding light behind our grants, what we’re most passionate about, and how a strong network exponentially increases impact. It is full of stories and data about innovation and positive change happening in communities around the world. We promise it is well worth the read.


The Future of Giving

In 2020, the Morgridge Family Foundation partnered with cultural agency sparks&honey to produce the Future of Giving report, powered by their proprietary cultural intelligence system. It explores five seismic cultural shifts that are shaping the future and makes data-based recommendations for how we can work together to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. The report includes the Gen Z Addendum, packed with insights to leverage the next generation’s strength and passion. From identifying Gen Z trends to cultivating strategies your organization can implement today, this free resource is a must-read.


View The Future of Giving 2020

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