Day 2

Thursday 8.22.19

Start time 8:40 am

Finished 1:20 pm

32.7 miles 

Two summits 

Deer Creek to North Shore Lodge

It wasn’t hard getting to sleep at 6:30 pm the night before, however, there were odd creature sounds followed by a light pitter-patter of rain, then a heavy patter of rain.  Around 7 am the weirdest noise I have ever heard came screeching from directly above. I woke John up and then we realized the squirrel was either mad or happy to discover campers in his site.

Only the tent was soaking wet when we got up. The ground had absorbed all of the rain as if it never happened. We took our time making breakfast, tearing down the tent and moving forward.  Our campground had a bathroom stocked with toilet paper and this made us very happy. Be grateful for the small things in life. 

As we ascended up the first hill, I knew from the map we had two major summits to climb. Just 7.9 miles into our morning we passed a woods lodge with an open sign. We probably could have had a real bed and a shower but we were content with camping. It had been three years since we camped in a tent. 

The valley we were biking in was filled with tall pines and the sun was blocked. This kept the air nice and cool for our ride. There were streams and rivers every few miles so we didn’t have to worry about drinking water. 

The first summit was slow and long, about a 1500-foot vertical. 

We stopped on the side of the dirt road for our first snack around 10:30 am. It’s only day two and I need more fuel in my body. The legs weren’t as sore as the divide ride but we didn’t push it as hard. John wants this trip to be a vacation, not a race. 

We passed so many beautiful campsites along road 579. They all seem to be so clean and taken care of. They even have stocked wood for the next camper to enjoy. There are new fire awareness signs everywhere about how to put out your fire and check it before you go. 

When we got to the beginning of the second summit, we were happy to see pavement. We had only been passed by four cars in the morning and two groups of motorcycles. The summit was so steep in places that I had to get off and walk. My bike is so heavy that pushing it uphill hurts. The downside to the summit was two or three times longer than the uphill. Yeah us!

John has mapped out our second day ending at North Shore Lodge on Warm Lake. When we arrived, I could see why. I wasn’t thrilled about having such a short day, only 33 miles, but this is supposed to be a vacation. 

We ordered lunch at a place where we could sit on the lakeside patio and hang with two local dogs. We inquired about a cabin for rent and since they had one available, I agreed to stay, but only if John agreed to push to the town of Macall tomorrow. There have not been hot springs on our route yet and tomorrow there are three. We are going to hit one in the afternoon and give our legs a rest. 

We took a short hike to discover some free campsites right next door overlooking the lake. However, we have a bed, a kitchen, and a shower. We are having dinner lakeside with two other local dogs. Turbo loved John and begged to play stick. 

We are hunkering down early tomorrow at 8:15 am for a long day. We highly recommend North Shore Lodge. Quaint, quiet, great food, and great service.