Three Days In India

Join Carrie Morgridge, Chief Disruptor at the Morgridge Family Foundation, as she visits MFF’s nonprofit partners in India. For the past three years, I have been honored to receive an invitation to visit India from our esteemed partners at YUVA Unstoppable, a nonprofit organization serving underprivileged youth. Since the day I met Amitabh Shah and his […]

Michelle and kids at school

Day 3

Delhi to Ahmedabad While day two came early with the time change, day three came even earlier. To catch the 6am flight to Ahmedabad, we were up at 430 am and in a taxi by 445 am. The one hour flight was quick and easy. We were treated at the airport by meeting our driver […]

Carrie Speaking

Day 2

Delhi, India EGM goes to work! The morning came early with the time change. Michelle got up at 5am, about the time I was finally able to fall asleep. She headed to the gym, came back, showered and went back to bed. At 7:30 am my alarm went off and it was time to get […]

Day 1

Delhi, India – November 3 Arrival We arrived at 8:30pm. Our flight was very pleasant and I slept my normal pattern. I was asleep by 10pm and up at 6am. But now I had to change my watch and start adjusting to Indian time. As we exited the plane the first thing I noticed was […]

Every Gift Matters – India Tour 2016

What if you found out there was a holiday that felt like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas combined?  Would you go?   This is what Diwali has been described to me as.  As I turned to google to learn more about Diwali a smile immediately came to my face and the images and meaning of the New […]

My Great Divide Bike Ride

What’s Next? What is life like now that we are back? Waking up at the Hotel in El Paso felt normal.  We had stayed in many hotels just like this one, so just like our routine we got up, went to breakfast, but that was the end of our normal.  It was the end of […]