Day 45

Silver City to Hachita Community Center Start 7:15 to 16:10 Weather: Over 90. Saddle 7:09:03 81:03 Avg 11.3 3299.6 We woke up extra early this morning.  It was hard to believe we were just two days from finishing our journey. The map had us on a highway for the first twenty miles.  Being the end of […]

Day 44

Black Canyon Campground to Silver City CD 28,29 Start 7:35 to 16:00 Hills. Saddle 7:13:23 Dist 60.32 Avg 8.3 Total 3218.5 Rain came down in the evening.  By morning, the sun was just starting to come out, and we were excited to be headed to a city that had plenty of food and water.  This […]

Day 43

Collins Park to Black Canyon Campground CD 25, 26 27 Start. 8:35 to 18:15 Saddle 6:57:24 Dist 53.42 Avg 7.6 3158.2 It poured rain most of the night.  While the rain did not come into the tent, we knew it would make the next morning’s bike even harder.  The New Mexico mud is famous amongst […]

Day 42

Start of the 3-Day Weekend: Pie Town to Collins Park Start 7:45 to 18:15 CD crossing 23, 24, 25 8:18:46 72.02 Avg 8.4 3104.8 Our morning started out at the famous Toaster House. Known in town for housing Great Divide riders and Continental Divide Trail hikers. We share some pie, as that is how days should […]

Mountainous plateau

Day 41

Off, but one big adventure We woke up early in Cuba and decided it wasn’t safe to bike the alternative and it wasn’t bikeable on the main route as the monsoon rains had hit New Mexico hard. We had been stopped by the mud on the pass into Cuba.  The mud is so thick and […]

Day 40

Campsite to Cuba Start 8:05 to 4pm Saddle 6:32:42 Dist 55.71 Avg 8.5 Total 2957   The morning dew was so heavy our tent felt like it gain a few pounds in weight.  Rolling it up was like rolling up a wet towel.  We had many miles to cover and had to take advantage of […]