mindSpark Learning

MFF founded this non-profit with the mission to spark innovation in all educators and transform learning.
Personal Connection - Carrie and John personally founded this non-profit in Denver with the mission of transforming education through innovation. mindSpark Learning offers customized professional learning experiences for educators at every level of education, and supports them with fresh, unexpected and innovative practices built to increase student engagement and future career awareness.

National Jewish Health

MFF funded school – Morgridge Academy, Morgridge Fellows (medical residences)
Personal Connection – While NJH is the leading institution for health and wellness in respiratory issues they treat John and I as if we are the only donors to their organization. In other words, they go out of their way to make sure the donors have a personal connection to the work they do and the people they serve.

Mile High United Way

MFF funded their new building (Morgridge Family for Community Change) and many other projects.
Personal Connection – MHUW touches almost every person in Denver Metro somehow. Either a donor or a recipient; both are treated with equal respect and love. The leadership at MHUW is beyond great, and we trust them with our money. MHUW is willing to take risks and start new projects to benefit their clients and become more efficient.

The Nature Conservancy

MFF funded and started – Nature Works Everywhere
Personal Connection – First to Nature. Combining our passion for the outdoors with education and SEM gardens – priceless.

University of Denver

MFF funded – Morgridge College of Education
Personal Connection – DU is the leading institution of Higher Education in the Rockies. The Universities motto is a Private institution for the public good. This resonates with everything they do, every day. The new leadership at DU is imagining a new higher education future, one centered around jobs, community and ethics.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

MFF funded – New Wing Named the Morgridge Family Exploration Center
Personal Connection – DMNS is more than a museum it’s a family. The board and staff truly care about the clients they serve. They are passionate about the learning and the sparks of curiosity that is felt in the building each and every day. The museum visits are more than one million every year, sparking new minds and accessibility for life long learning.

Khan Academy

MFF funded – various projects including technology rollout nationwide for teachers who are uber users but need help with more laptops
Personal Connection – Friend and admirer of Sal Khan and the entire staff and team at Khan Academy.

Book Trust

MFF funded - 600,000 books into low income homes.
Personal Connection – This non profit based in Denver Colorado has expanded nationwide to help with the divide of learning in literacy. MFF has been a long time partner and our compounded efforts are making a difference in both Colorado and Florida.

University of Central Florida

MFF funded – Morgridge International Reading Center
Personal Connection – We share the same goals and passion for literacy and reading. UCF’s building allows for international conferences without the travel. By using Cisco TelePresence thousands of teaching methods are shared, yet travel for the trainers is kept to a minimum. UCF is the second largest university in the nation, and they are innovative in their teaching approaches.

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

MFF funded – various projects
Personal Connection – Carrie serves on the board. She and John believe that every child should have access to high quality education. Bob Goodman’s PMI/PSI math and science curriculum is FREE for teachers and students. Their core belief is that students should take Physics in the 8th or 9th grade. NJCTL is the largest trainer of physics teachers in the country.


MFF funded – not yet, working on a partnership
Personal Connection – Hadi Partovi is changing America by opening educators eyes to computer science and coding. With the data showing that 19 out of 20 jobs will be in computer science in the future, CODE.org has had over 100 million students participate in the hour of code in one year.

Second Harvest of Orlando

MFF funded – various projects
Personal Connection – Dave Krepcho is the leader and visionary for Second Harvest. He was able to leverage our grant, helping hungry people in the Orlando region get the help they needed for food. He is now working on training people for new jobs, to get them off government food assistance, and encouraging past clients to pay it forward.

Catholic Charities of Fort Worth

MFF funded – One of many donors to their Padua Project
Personal Connection – Heather Reynolds is one of those rare leaders where she sees opportunities to try something different. The Padua Project is supported by her organization to help people get back on their feet, get job training and get off of government assistance. In partnership with Notre Dame, this organization will measure the impact of changing lives and saving tax payers money.

House of Hope

MFF funded – Various projects in the Golden Gate Community of Stuart Florida.
Personal Connection – Elizabeth Barbella’s mantra is Hunger is the Hook. Once her organization gets people into the food pantry, her organization sits down with them to help with all the other needs to figure out why they are hungry. She has formed partnerships with jobs, the community college for job retraining, habitat for humanity. There is nothing she won’t do to help a family get back on their feet and help them to stabilize their home.